Prado Patio Furniture ~ Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set with Beige Cushions.

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Prado Patio Furniture ~ Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set with Beige Cushions.

Prado Patio Furniture ~ Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set with Beige Cushions.In this review of the Prado Patio Sectional Sofa Set, well cover the qualities that make this patio furniture. The wicker is comfortable as well as being hardy and durable. This is like the brown wicker that creaks dangerously as you sit inside. This is made from quality materials that will last for a long time with no strenuous action on your part. There s some assembly but it doesn’t t take long, and you ‘ll know once you do it yourself, its assembled.

Pros of this Prado Patio Sectional Sofa Set
  • Quality materials
  • Terrific construction
  • Powder coated iron frame
  • Weather-resistant fabrics
  • Many pieces

Disadvantages of the Sectional Sofa Set
  • Needs some assembly

First Impressions of the Sectional Sofa Set

You aren’t going to worry about it blowing away in the wind, so the building of this sofa set. While you may need to secure the furniture during a severe storm, quick gusts won’t blow off these around one inch. As you don t want them to become projectiles or need to worry every time the weather individual promises less than bright 29, that s important in patio furniture.

While we mention that the sofa set needs some meeting, it should t take with the tools and some aid. You ‘ll need to attach the frames of the seats and backs to make one sectional, but you don t need to assemble the set from top to bottom.

Construction and Materials

The frames are built using wicker, which is an amazing wood type material. This sectional below the wicker’s base is a powder iron that won trust in the elements. The powder coating is used on most outdoor furniture especially for the iron used in pubs. It would take years of abuse. Wrapped around that frame is the PE wicker. It’s a resistant and incredibly durable frame for the sofa set.

The cushions are covered. You won’t need to worry about leaving the outside. While it may not be an excellent idea to leave them in the pouring rain, they ‘ll be fine under an awning or porch roof. They have zippers, so you cant take off them to wash occasionally, too.

Dimensions and Pieces of the Patio Sectional Set

The set comes with over a few pieces. Its a comfy patio set with an armchair to produce the L shape, and a dining table.

  • The table is 30.75 inches deep by 30.75 іnсhеs іn dіаmеtеr bу 14 іnсhеs hіgh
  • Соrnеr сhаіr іs 37 іnсhеs dеер bу 32.50 іnсhеs wіdе bу 26.75 іnсhеs hіgh
  • Тhе lеft аnd rіght аrm сhаіr mеаsurе 32 іnсhеs dеер bу 32.25 іnсhеs wіdе bу 26.75 іnсhеs hіgh
  • Тhе аrmlеss сhаіrs аrе 32 іnсhеs dеер bу 26.75 inches wide by 26.75 inches high
  • The chair seats are 26 inches deep by 26 inches wide by 12.25 inches high

Details We Adore

We love that the wicker is made. This is a patio set, so you ‘ll need it to be able and durable to hold weights. While it states that six people can sit on the sofa lounger, there is space for a lot more people to sit especially in case you would like to have an outside movie night with everybody snuggled close.

The table is a nice touch, too. You don t need to worry about finding a table. It’s good when you can buy an entire set and accessorize as needed.

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